Millgrove truffle dog Solly in action
Join us for a truffle hunt2024-03-05T17:07:19+08:00

Escape the mid-winter blues and indulge in the aromatic glory of Millgrove Truffles’ harvest in the Southern Forest region.

To celebrate the 2024 season, Millgrove Truffles is collaborating with Free Range Living to offer an exclusive truffle hunting experience.

Follow Solly, the truffle dog extraordinaire, as he guides you to truffle treasure buried beneath Millgrove’s oak and hazelnut truffière. Harvest, hold, and inhale a Millgrove ‘star of winter’ to fully experience the truffle’s sensory delights.

After your truffle hunt, head up to the fireside truffle-infused lunch, prepared by Pascale from Free Range Homestead, and indulge your senses with gourmet delights. While enjoying your lunch, you can learn about the science, history, and ongoing mystery of truffles.

Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment. Come join us at Millgrove Truffles for an unforgettable truffle hunting experience!

Free Range Living joined us for a Truffle Hunt.

Troy & Pascale of Free Range Sailing have set up a 9-acre homestead just down the road. They have a passion for self-sufficiency, adventure and good foodie things so we put them to work when they came to visit — this video follows them on a Truffle Hunt at Millgrove in July 2022. You can watch all the hard work and love they’re putting into growing the Free Range Homestead – here and follow insta or visit their website for more information.

Upcoming Millgrove truffle hunts …

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After months of waiting patiently, Solly – truffle dog extraordinaire – invites you to share the thrill of unearthing a Millgrove ‘star of winter’. To celebrate the 2024 season Millgrove Truffles will be collaborating with Free Range Living. Follow Solly as his well trained nose guides you through [...]