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Millgrove Truffles 2024 truffle hunts now open for bookings


After months of waiting patiently, Solly – truffle dog extraordinaire – invites you to share the thrill of unearthing a Millgrove ‘star of winter’. To celebrate the [...]

Millgrove Truffles 2024 truffle hunts now open for bookings2024-03-05T16:54:15+08:00

Hunting and gathering


Truffle Hunts Seasonal truffle hunts at Millgrove have recently been added to the Johnstone’s business mix along with direct truffle sales. Follow us to [...]

Hunting and gathering2021-04-22T12:07:09+08:00

Our Truffles


Tuber melanosporum Truffles are specialised underground mushrooms that can only grow on the roots of particular trees. One of the most prized for the [...]

Our Truffles2021-04-15T14:53:00+08:00

Our Passion


Millgrove Truffles now produces nearly half a tonne of black French truffles each season and Leanne’s initial doubts about Scott’s ambitious truffle project have morphed into [...]

Our Passion2021-04-15T14:51:17+08:00

The Team


Scott and Leanne Johnstone, along with Solly, a beautiful Italian dog breed known for truffle hunting, have been farming truffles for nearly 14 years. Located [...]

The Team2021-04-22T12:12:54+08:00

Our Journey


From planting to harvest. Six long years after planting their first tree the Johnstone’s unearthed a single truffle – a perfect specimen weighing in [...]

Our Journey2021-04-22T12:00:14+08:00

760 truffle-inoculated trees


760 carefully nurtured truffle-inoculated trees. After months of soil preparations, the Johnstones were soon planting 760 truffle-inoculated hazelnut and oak trees on the southern slopes of [...]

760 truffle-inoculated trees2021-04-22T13:33:27+08:00

Mates, beers and great ideas


When Manjimup fitter and turner Scott Johnstone decided to enter a local Italian sausage competition, the last thing his wife Leanne expected him to come home with were [...]

Mates, beers and great ideas2021-04-15T14:47:30+08:00